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  • Say hello to our new deeelicious Organic Multigrain Toddler Snacks!

      Made with all organic ingredients, these light + crispy, crunchy snacks are the perfect fun, wholesome + tasty nibble for little ones. We think they’re so good that you’ll even want some! We here at Ella’s Kitchen® know just how important it is for your little one to have a well-balanced, nutritious diet. That’s …Read More

  • Springtime Activities

    Did you hear? Spring is almost here! We at Ella’s Kitchen® couldn’t be more excited! We’ve had a lot of fun snuggling this winter, and we’re sure you and your little one feel the same, but we’re ready for some warm sunshine and outside playtime, what do you think? Spring is a season that’s full …Read More

  • No Kid Hungry

    One of the biggest dreams we have here at Ella’s Kitchen® is to help create a world full of healthy eaters, both big + small! To see this dream come true, we have made it our mission to always help fill hungry little tummies all around the world with nutritious meals. While our kitchen, and …Read More

  • Ingredient: Carrot

    What’s orange, grows out of the ground and is a favorite veg of hippity hoppity bunnies all over? It’s a carrot! Bunny rabbits aren’t the only eaters of this orange colored veg though; it’s a homegrown garden food that’s been enjoyed by millions of people (little + big) all over the world! What’s so great …Read More